Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Katie & Tim Get Hitched

Josh's sister, Katie, got married to one of his best friends, Tim. How much more fun can a wedding get than that? We had a blast rounding out our year of weddings (4 siblings got hitched in less than 12 months!) and wanted to share the love. (Sorry for the mix of iPhone pictures! I'm the worst at carrying my camera.)

{Vintage Peacock Shower}

{Practicing hair}

{Showered in balloons -and presents and love, too}

{Bachelorette night at Good Luck --it's now a bridal tradition}

{My first taste of oxtail and tripe}

{It was heavenly!!!}

The wedding was at the Auditorium Center in downtown Rochester. Such a great location!



{Complicated, but still clinging to the sisters title}

{Getting ready!}

{Reception Time}

It was such a wonderful celebration of love and the grace God bestows as new journeys begin. Josh and I are incredibly happy to add Tim to the family and can't wait to see the plans God has for their life together!


Mother's Day Surprise

The whole family was plotting my surprise trip to Oklahoma for Mother's Day. My mom had no clue and that's just the way we wanted it. I flew in really late Friday and stayed at my brother's house. His sweet little family planned to have my parents over for a brunch to celebrate Mother's Day. When they arrived Saturday morning, I was hiding in the closet of their guest room in the dark...just in case. You never know with my mom. She's kind of a snoop in the most endearing way.

Once they were there and settled the plan was to FaceTime with Josh and I back in New York (and Toby, too). Josh popped up on FaceTime. They said their hellos, and then he let them know I was in the other room and would be right there. Instead of showing up on the iPad, I walked out of the back room and said, "you can't start FaceTime without me!" I thought my mom was going to have a heart attack and was hoping someone had slipped her a Xanax. She was completely caught of guard. I'm not sure how we pulled this off, but it was totally worth the stress!

The girls went off and shopped and had lunch then we met back up with the gents for dinner. It was wonderful to be in my home church on a Sunday for the first time in almost 9 months. We rounded it out with lunch at Wolfgang Puck and a flight back to New York for me.

I wouldn't trade the stress or exhaustion of pulling off this surprise for anything. Love you mama!