Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Little Pumpkin

After church this morning, we made our way over to Green Acre Farms in Greece. We caught some really great pictures of Dayton with the pumpkins and also came home with yummy Cortland apples!


Keuka Outlet Trail

While my parents were in town we went on a little adventure down in the Finger Lakes. It's such a gorgeous area, especially in the fall! After a little research, I found a towpath trail along a little canal that runs between two of the lakes called the Keuka Outlet Trail. There was 7 miles of trail to explore. We went for a less populated entry point. It was a good decision. There weren't a ton of people and we ran across a really awesome waterfall.

Here are a few of our pictures.

We've had the most beautiful fall. I was happy to share it with my parents and capture a calm slice of our very hectic life.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dayton: 6 months!!!

We've made it half way!!!! This post is 2 weeks late. We were prepping for Nana and Pa's arrival and then enjoying their time here with us. It was so lovely to have them around -more on that in a later post. Anyway, we've made it and kept you alive for 6 whole months! Happy and healthy, too!

We are tired, exhausted and in so much love with you, Dayton!!! I honestly don't know if there is a happier baby. You think we are so funny, light up when we walk into a room and love to snuggle. Thank you for being our sweet, sweet boy!

Here are your stats for the month:

Weight: 16 lbs 3.7 oz (28th percentile)
Length: 25.5" (19th percentile)
Head: 44 cm (58th percentile)

{My how much you have changed -such a big boy now!}

Here's a look at what you were up to this months:
-You held your bottle on your own.
-Ate your first avocado -your face squirmed and then you decided you liked it and smiled.
-You've been sitting up assisted.
-You love jamming to the music in your exersaucer.
-Walks in the stroller are becoming one of your favorite adventures.
-First garage sale -you were such a hit with all the customers. Of course, they couldn't get over your red hair.
-Your Banana (Aunt Anna) and Mr. Kevin came to baby sit -let's hope they come again after all your fussing.
-First wedding and trip to DC (this is also your 3rd trip by plane) for Mr. Dave & Miss Kate's wedding. We also got to introduce you to Joe, Jannah and Ellie and we all got to meet sweet baby Archer.
-Two new WubbaNubs were added to the collection after a long night without Mr. Font (elephant). We now have Simba (lion) and Clifford (dog). You love them all just the same so far!
-We are practicing lots of baby sign language. You try to do 'milk' and 'all done'. I'm hoping 'please' and 'thank you' are right behind them!
-Songs we've been singing: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Honey Bunch Song, Wheels on the Bus, Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art.

Here are a few more pictures of our fun month!

{Morning selfie}

{Playing in the attic}

{Family pictures at the park}

{Baby jack o'lantern}

{Family pic at the wedding}

{Baby's first avocado}

Love you, buddy!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

DC Trip

We went to DC for Josh's college friend's wedding. Dave and Kate are a gorgeous couple both inside and out. It was such a lovely wedding and weekend! DC is one of our favorite cities. We stayed in Capitol Hill and explored a new little neighborhood to us. I loved meeting several of Josh's friends from Hillsdale and their wives. So much fun!

{Baby Dax and Daddy}

{Sweet little flower girl}

{The gorgeous bride, Kate} 

 {Mr. and Mrs. Morrell}

{Josh and Joel}

{The Hillsdale Crew}

{Joel, Julius, Josh and Dax}

 {A family picture with our barefoot babe}

We also got to see Jannah, Joe, Ellie and Baby Archer!!! We love the Swinks!

Such a wonderful fall weekend! Thankful for travel and sweet friends.