Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lincoln: 4 Months

This new year brings a new schedule for our family. Our days begin early and evenings end late, but there's still much fun to be had. Lincoln, you are growing, growing, growing!

Here are your stats this month:
Length - 25.5 inches
Weight - 14 pounds 8 ounces
Head - 16.5 inches

{This is our always happy little guy}

{Our precious boy} 

 {Curious little buddy}

{He's always trying to get Moose's ear or tail in his mouth}

{Seriously. Always. Happy.}

Here's what you've been up to this month:
-You met Santa this month! We waited far too long, but you and brother were sweet and pretty happy to see him.
-You took your first road trip out of town...errrr...across the country! We drove 2 days to Oklahoma for Christmas.
-You took your first train ride for the Polar Express with Nana, Pa and all our sweet cousins.
-And one more, you also took your first plane ride with mama on the way back from Christmas and were just the best little snoozy baby! Wow you were quite the busy guy!
-You love for mama to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider during diaper changes.
-While we were in Oklahoma for Christmas we had you dedicated at the new Woodlake Church Bixby campus by Pastor Jamie Austin. It was so fun to have the same pastor who married us dedicate you. We cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do through you!
-You met our sweet friends the Gundys! We love them so much and couldn't wait to show you off to them.
-You celebrated your first Christmas 3 times! Bills Family Christmas at Nana and Papa's house, Pickney Family Christmas in Oklahoma and Nana and Pa's house and at home with our sweet little family when we got back from Oklahoma. What a blessed little babe!
-We've got a drooler! Teething, lots of bibs to absorb the drool and a little first gnawing. You are still adorable, just a little messy now!

Here are a few more pictures of what you've been up to this month!

{Bills Family Christmas}

 {Reindeer Baby}

 {Seeing Santa}

 {Lincoln meets our friends Grayson and Hudson}

 {Lincoln's Dedication}

{Sunday Sunday!!!}

We just love the addition you are to our little family!