Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lincoln: 7 Months

You turned 7 months on April 11th. We are loving your sweet & feisty spirit, little boy! The theme of the last month was, "Thank goodness you're cute!" As in, you were not letting Mama sleep. Praying we're on to better days --errr, nights!

Your pictures this month are just the sweetest.

{You just want to be held - all the time} 

{"Don't take my elephant."} 

Here's what you've been up to this month:
-You want to stand -all the time. Those legs are always so stiff!
-Miss Jannah came to visit all the way from Washington DC. She was so happy to meet you!
-You sat up unassisted for the first time on April 2 and have only had a couple of wobbly tumbles to the ground.
-You lost your title as baby of the family on Daddy's side. We welcomed sweet baby Elsie to the family this month!
-On March 15 you had your first taste of egg yolk and weren't too sure about it! We've tried a few more times, and you're starting to warm up to it.
-You and Mama took a little drive to Canandaigua to meet friends for lunch. You were quite the little ladies man!
-Your first Easter was a hit! We went to Wickham Farms for a fun afternoon with cousins on Saturday. Then on Sunday we went to church, opened Easter baskets and had a full afternoon of egg hunting and family at Grandpa & Nana's house, followed by more fun at Grammie & Grampa's house.
-Nana and Pa came for a whole week to visit at the end of March. You love them so much -and look so much like your Pa!
-Aunt Kiki helped us with our first successful back carry! You loved being able to look over my shoulder at all that was going on around us.
-To celebrate ringing in 7 months, you spent the night in your nursery and only woke up once to eat. Woo hoo!

Here are a few pictures from our fun month:

You sure are one of the best things about our little family. So much joy in the midst of so much busy. Thank you for making us slow down and snuggle every now and then!
Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lincoln: 6 Months

I'm going to stop apologizing for being late on posting these! The pictures are surprisingly taken on your monthly birthday, so what am I really even apologizing for, right?

We've been so busy this winter / spring! We're ready for a slow down when Daddy is done with his first busy season -just in time to have lots of outdoor family time when the springlike weather decides to show up.

Here are your stats this month:
You turned 6 months on March 11th
Length - 27 inches
Weight - 17 pounds 1 ounces

Here is a recap of your first 6 months in pictures, Lincoln, and my have you grown!

You and your 6 month pictures didn't quite cooperate -just kidding! You're a ham and love that camera!

Here's what you've been up to this month:
-Well, I thought you would be sleeping in your own room and yet here we another month bigger and still in the co-sleeper. There's always next month!
-You are sitting up assisted. Yay!
-You love sitting in your laundry basket to play with all your toys (pic below). It has really helped you learn to sit up and get the weight off of that big noggin we love so much.
-We started practicing baby sign language -"milkie" and "all done."
-Songs we've been singing: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Honey Bunch Song, This is the Day (we love the updated version from our favorite Boombox Kids) and Amazing Grace.
-We survived the 4 months sleep regression that lasted until almost 6 months! You're back to sleeping between 9 & 10 hours at night! Woo hoo!!!
-Your first Valentine's Day was super cute in coordinating ocean life v-day shirts designed and made by our friend Audrey at Gracie J Designs. I'm loving coordinating these sweet boys!

Here are a few more pictures from your month:
{My sweet Valentines!}

{Blurry, but sweet selfie with mama and daddy}

{Bubba teaching you how to color while mama cooks -a typical weeknight}

{All smiles!}

{Having fun in your basket -thanks Nana for the great idea!}

We can't believe we've made it halfway through your first year! It's flying by little boy and we are soaking it all up!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lincoln: 5 Months

Your daddy thinks I'm overdoing it by posting this only 2 days after you turn 5 months old. But look at your mama pulling out a win this month!

We've enjoyed such a mild winter -until TODAY! Thank goodness you have no idea it is 0 degrees outside and just think life is always warm and cozy.

Here are your 5 months pictures, little cutie:

-Well, this mama is in uncharted territory. Your big brother never really had a 4 month sleep regression. Between 4-5 months, you have gone from sleeping 9 hours a night to eating 1-2 times between 9 pm and 6 am. It's a good thing you're cute!
-We keep saying we're going to move you to your nursery, but haven't actually done it. It's really going to happen this month! Fingers crossed.
-You have found your feet, and it's so cute. Yay!
-You are tracking our food from bowl to mouth and want to eat it all!
-You got to try out some whole oat cereal and gobbled it up! After 6 months, we'll start adding in other yummy foods to expand that little palette. 
-You are a solid boy! We think you're bordering 16 lbs and will weigh in at the pediatricians at 6 months. Grampa Al calls you the boxer! 
-You are ticklish, love to laugh and are just the most good natured little guy.
-You can squeal and talk at such a loud decibel. We can hear you buddy, we promise!
-We finally started giving you real baths this month instead of just a sponge bath! I know buddy, it was high time.

Here are a few pictures of what you've been up to this month:
{Grocery Shopping with bubba and mama} 

{Your cousin Fletcher loves to play with you} 

{First food!} 

{Happy guy before your photo shoot} 

{Baby's first cold} 

{Playing is real tough stuff -naps are in order!}

We can't wait to see all the fun things you'll be doing over the next few months! It's so exciting to watch you grow.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lincoln: 4 Months

This new year brings a new schedule for our family. Our days begin early and evenings end late, but there's still much fun to be had. Lincoln, you are growing, growing, growing!

Here are your stats this month:
Length - 25.5 inches
Weight - 14 pounds 8 ounces
Head - 16.5 inches

{This is our always happy little guy}

{Our precious boy} 

 {Curious little buddy}

{He's always trying to get Moose's ear or tail in his mouth}

{Seriously. Always. Happy.}

Here's what you've been up to this month:
-You met Santa this month! We waited far too long, but you and brother were sweet and pretty happy to see him.
-You took your first road trip out of town...errrr...across the country! We drove 2 days to Oklahoma for Christmas.
-You took your first train ride for the Polar Express with Nana, Pa and all our sweet cousins.
-And one more, you also took your first plane ride with mama on the way back from Christmas and were just the best little snoozy baby! Wow you were quite the busy guy!
-You love for mama to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider during diaper changes.
-While we were in Oklahoma for Christmas we had you dedicated at the new Woodlake Church Bixby campus by Pastor Jamie Austin. It was so fun to have the same pastor who married us dedicate you. We cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do through you!
-You met our sweet friends the Gundys! We love them so much and couldn't wait to show you off to them.
-You celebrated your first Christmas 3 times! Bills Family Christmas at Nana and Papa's house, Pickney Family Christmas in Oklahoma and Nana and Pa's house and at home with our sweet little family when we got back from Oklahoma. What a blessed little babe!
-We've got a drooler! Teething, lots of bibs to absorb the drool and a little first gnawing. You are still adorable, just a little messy now!

Here are a few more pictures of what you've been up to this month!

{Bills Family Christmas}

 {Reindeer Baby}

 {Seeing Santa}

 {Lincoln meets our friends Grayson and Hudson}

 {Lincoln's Dedication}

{Sunday Sunday!!!}

We just love the addition you are to our little family!