Monday, February 3, 2014

Dayton: 10 Months

BUSY. This is the best way to describe our month with you, Dayton. We are chasing your sweet busyness all over the house.

We think you're right at 20 lbs, but I thought that at 8 months and you only weighed 19 at your 9 month appointment. I'm clearly not good at guessing.

Your 10 month photo shoot was almost hard to capture because you're so active and full of life!

Here's what you've been up to this month:

-First real cold and first sick visit at the pediatrician -of course they go hand in hand. The congestion will not go away.
-You started crawling forward on January 9th and are so crazy proud of yourself. The whole house is now fair game!
-Your Grammie & Grandpa Al were over for a quick hello on January 19th, and you waved goodbye to them. They were so excited and so were we!
-You spent every weekday for a week and a half at the Congdon's house while Nana Jan was visiting family in Virginia. You were so good! I think Miss Jenn and her kids were ready to keep you! It sure warmed your mama's heart that you played so well and were such a good boy. We were blessed to have their help!

Here are a few more pictures of your fun month!

{Playdate with Josiah}

{Sweetest little sleeper -ever!}

{Our happy guy}


{More exploring of course}

We are so thankful you are growing and developing into such a personality filled little bear. Mama & Daddy love you, buns!!!