Friday, September 6, 2013

Dayton: 5 Months

This post is a week late, but the pictures are actually from Dayton's 5 month birthday.

We think you're approximately 15 lbs right now. We'll be going to see Dr. Davis again at the end of September to check up on you!!!

{I can't get over how much I love this sweet face!} 

 -You've been rolling and rolling and rolling this past month. Both from tummy to back and back to tummy.
-In the night you always wind up sleeping on your side. It's so sweet!
-You have found your legs! You stand up on anything you can find.
-The window sill on our front porch is a favorite! You can watch the cars, people and puppies go by or just watch our flag waving in the wind. They're all new and fun things for you!
-There is so much chunk to your legs now! We can't get enough of all your chunkiness.
-You have so much giggly spots! You are so ticklish and we can't help but love it all.
-We have pulled out the exersaucer. You love it and have so much fun making music.
-We hit a new sleep pattern just before 5 months. It has left mommy with dark circles under her eyes, but you're just growing and growing!
-Your squeals have hit a new high! You are just talking and talking up a storm.

Thank you for being our sweet boy, we are so blessed!


Florida Vacation

We spent 5 days in Orlando with Josh's family to celebrate his dad and step-mom's 10th anniversary. It was a very packed 5 days, and we had a so much fun. We posted a lot of pictures along the way, but here are a few more from our trip.

 Waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean!

Meeting Eeyore!

 Belle's Castle -dinner was so delicous

The Kingdom at night. So pretty!

Baby's first safari -Animal Kingdom

Sibling Dinner -Grandpa and Nana watched the little boys while we had a night out at Emeril's.

Baby's First Swim

 We were so blessed to spend time off work and with family!