Monday, November 18, 2013

Baby's First Halloweeny!

We had such a wonderful little first Halloweeny with our Dax-man! He dressed up as a fox (something I chose LONG before the song!). It was the cutest little hoodie set from Target. I loved it most of all because it was just that, a hoodie and sweatpants. No crazy face mask and polyester to smother my (already a space heater) baby.

Josh suggested we watch a movie while answering the door again this year. In previous years, it has always been Harry Potter. This year we decided it needed to be baby friendly. We hung out, ate chili, watched our movie and waited for the door to ring. We had about 15-20 kids over the course of night (a little low due to the rain). They all loved Dax and he loved them. His little arms and legs wouldn't stop moving when he saw them.

We loved seeing all the costumes, chatting with neighbors and enjoying another opportunity to connect with the awesome families on our little street.

Here are a few pictures -daddy was behind the camera.



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