Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dayton: 9 Months

Sweet boy, you are a loud, head shaking, raspberry blowing, backward crawling babe! You have done so many new and fun things this last month!

We think you're about 20 pounds right now and will update the stats on Friday after your appointment.

Your monthly photos show how truly active you are these days!

{I think we have a future underwear model, don't you?!?}

Here's what you've been up to this month:

-Your 2nd tooth popped through (the lower right) on December 5th. Your little toothy grin makes us so happy.
- We think you're working on the top two teeth now.
-As seen in many of the pictures above, you love to blow raspberries with your mouth. It's never ending and makes us laugh.
-You're constantly making noises -squawking at mama, yelling for daddy to come back, squealing when you see a puppy and then just making happy conversation with yourself and your toys.
-You have been shaking your head back in forth for awhile now, but you seem to do it to be funny and silly now. You also mimic mommy and daddy when we do it.
-First Christmas: you have celebrated Christmas 3 times already (with 1 more this weekend).
1. We first celebrated with daddy's family on December 14th -your Grandpa & Nana, Aunt Becky & Uncle Zach, Aunt Katie, Uncle Tim & Jack, Aunt Chrissy & Uncle Seth and Aunt Anna & Mr. Kevin.
2. Dayton, Mommy & Daddy celebrated Christmas the next day. Your big gift was your Anywhere Chair with your name on it. You were so proud.
3. Oklahoma Christmas! Your first road trip was a long one. We drove 1,200 miles in 2 days to get there. Just like when flying, you were such a good baby! Of course, we kept you entertained with lots of toys, puffs and the iPad! We had a wonderful week with your Nana & Pa, Uncle Rod, Aunt Minda, Graham, Claire and Connor.
- Backwards crawling is now your thing (as of December 29th)! Maybe one of these days you'll figure out how to go forward. You are suddenly so mobile -giving us a run for our money!

Here are a few more pictures of your fun this month!

{Snow Baby}

{Christmas Party with Aunt Becky}

{Christmas at Grandpa and Nana's}

{Christmas with Mommy & Daddy}

{New Car Seat}

{Christmas Day with Cousins}

{Post Christmas shopping with Mommy, Nana and Aunt Minda}

We're so excited to see what 2014 holds for our little family!



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