Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dayton: 12 Months!

Dayton, your Daddy and I are so incredibly proud of the loving, sweet and hilarious little boy you are becoming. Your hair and personality light up the room. Your sense of humor is blooming and we just cannot get over your sweetness. In the last month you have had some fun milestones!

Here’s what you’ve been up to:

-You got your 6th tooth. This teething thing has been surprisingly painless for mama and daddy. We hardly even know you’re getting a new tooth other than gnawing on toys more frequently.
-Stacking! You’ve been great at destroying things for a while now, but you are starting to stack your blocks. We’ve got a little builder on our hands!
-This major fete has your mama in a tizzy. You can now climb stairs. On March 26th, you climbed up 3 steps before we even noticed. It may be time for the gate.
-We celebrated your birthday with so many wonderful friends and family at Ellison Park on Saturday, the day before your birthday…more to come on that fun in a separate post.
-Nana and Pa visited from Oklahoma to celebrate you turning one! You love having them around to play!
-It snowed 8-9 inches Saturday night/Sunday morning of your birthday. We got home from church and our awesome neighbors had left their baby sled by the door. You had so much fun being pulled up and down the driveway. We even had a chance to put you in your snowsuit. So much fun for your birthday!

Here are pictures of your 1st Birthday Party as well as pictures we had done by our favorite photographer, Kristina Smith!

We love you little man!

Mama & Daddy


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