Sunday, December 13, 2015

Second Annual Mug 'n Muffins Party

Last year I threw together a last minute copycat party called "Mug 'n Muffins." I cannot take credit for the concept's cuteness. My sweet friend, Anna, back in Oklahoma threw a Mug 'n Muffins party every Christmas before I moved to New York. I decided last year that I wanted an annual little party like that with my closest friends. These ladies support me, love me, tell me the truth and make me laugh! As I am coming up on 5 year in New York (impossible, but true), I'm thankful for friends like these in a place I thought would be so barren.

Now for the fun....

{mugs wrapped and ready for stealing} 

Here's how it works for us:

1. You must show up in some form of lounge wear or pajamas.
2. You bring a wrapped mug. It can be Christmassy, but it is not required. This year's mugs were so darn cute!
3. I provide an egg casserole, muffins and coffee -iced and hot. Everyone else brings a yummy breakfast treat.
4. We eat and let a movie like Elf play in the background. Something we can stop and laugh at and still allow lots of conversation.
5. Then we play Dirty Santa -lots of stealing encouraged, until we all have a mug to take home.
6. Everyone goes home with a little something from the host. Last year it was a Christmas cookie cutter and this year an ornament.

{so much yummy food -yogurt parfaits, baked oatmeal, apple cinnamon and cranberry orange walnut muffins, fresh fruit, egg casserole -mmmm!} 

{congregating in the kitchen is totally universal} 

One of my original posts on this blog was about being gracious home owners. We always want to open our home to our community and to do life with the ones we love -make them feel special. This is my way of doing that for friends who are my little village throughout the year. My kids, my family and my home wouldn't be standing tall today without them.

{super cute mugs and precious friends}



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