Monday, March 12, 2012

All Natural Oven Cleaner

We have an old range to say the least. Unfortunately for me, it works really well! The list of furniture we need for the house is about a mile long, so replacing an appliance that still works is far off into the future. Why use an all natural oven cleaner, you ask? The self-cleaning feature on our oven doesn't work...if it did this post probably wouldn't exist. I didn't want to use a fume filled cleaner since we have Toby (our little Shih Tzu) around the house all the time.

I found a natural recipe from This absolutely took elbow grease, but the oven is SOOO much cleaner! I could also breathe throughout the entire cleaning process. Always a bonus!

Natural Cleaning Recipes -This recipe uses baking soda, borax, salt water, essential oils and vinegar. The recipe calls for very little water, and I happen to agree with the author of the post. I used almost a full cup of water to get a paste consistency. I also used a rag, scrub brush and of course elbow grease.

BEFORE -Nasty doesn't even describe it. I did not do a thorough job of cleaning it out when we moved in and then had a spill!

AFTER -While it's not perfect, it's leaps and bounds above the oven you see above!

I would use this recipe again and would use the vinegar/oil mixture throughout the house for light cleaning.



  1. I am all for the natural approach to oven cleaners! no toxic chemicals for me!

    Based on your pictures, I hope you don't mind me making a suggestion to you. On the after picture I see a few small areas you have missed. Try rubbing those areas with some steel wool. Seriously. It doesn't scratch enamel and it will come right off.