Sunday, March 4, 2012

Catching Up and a Thankful Heart

A post about pretty much anything is LOOOOOOOONG overdue; I'm well aware. We've now been married for 99 days according to my wedding countdown turned marriage counter. I'm pretty sure my husband feels like it's been more than 99 days.

To be really honest, getting married, learning to live with someone new and settling in to life together is more overwhelming than I imagined. We're absolutely loving this adventure, but I kind of expected life as usual. What was I thinking?

I've had a goal in mind to start posting more starting in March. Maybe a couple of times a week even? This goal would likely stay unattained were it not for my sweet friend Cindy. I received an email from her recently that started with, "Girl, are you ever going to start blogging again?" I totally rolled my eyes knowing she was so right! So thank you Cindy, for being the nudge I needed!

This post is pictureless. Yeah. Not a word. I know. I'm just warning you ahead of time. Now I'm going to complain for a moment and then try to type from the heart. Pictures are coming so just stick with me for this post.

Dinner. Check. Groceries. Check. Keeping milk on hand (Let the 3 gallons a week speak for how crucial this item is). Check. Cleaning. Check. Here are two of my wifely duties that don't get to go on the list of items I easily check off every week:

Laundry -I could survive several weeks without needing to do laundry --aside from linens of course. Josh really needs me to do it every week. Every week! Of course he offers to do his own laundry, but that could be more disastrous than not having clean laundry.

Making my husbands lunch -Josh doesn't have the luxury of going out to lunch every day. He eats quickly and often on the go. Plus, it's just a huge savings to take your own. By about Tuesday night I get on the ball. Wednesday I'm feeling pretty good. Thursday night comes and I realize I don't need to make lunch. He eats out on Fridays because it's a half day for him. Then the weekend comes and I forget all over again.

It's a constant reminder of his grace with me. He's so patient and almost never complains when I forget. This in turn reminds me of the Lord's grace with our daily shortcomings. In the New Testament, Jesus is always offering grace. The woman at the well. Dining with tax collectors. The thief on the cross.

I am so thankful that same grace is constantly being heaped upon me as I desperately I need it. If not keeping up with household duties was the worst of my shortcomings I would be pretty set. I know all too well, that this is just scratching the surface.

My heart is so thankful for the grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. I'm still a new and sometimes forgetful wife, but with the Lord's help I'm attempting to pass on this grace to everyone I encounter.



  1. I'm sure you're doing a great job, Steph! It is a huge transition, but soon enough, it will become second nature. Thank God for giving us husbands that exemplify grace on a daily basis!

  2. Household duties? What are those?