Tuesday, April 24, 2012

House Pictures

We did more entertaining than usual last week. We had company Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights! Thankfully it's easy to keep the house clean when guest just keep coming. On Sunday we did nothing just to have a moment to breathe. (We LOVE entertaining. It's one of our household fundamentals and you can read more about how I feel that's part of God's calling on our lives and the blessing that our home is right here.)

Okay, so with a clean house I could snap a few pictures of the downstairs in it's current state. I took these at night so the lighting is a little yellow. First I'm showing pictures of the house from our closing day. I was very prepared to take lots of before pictures so we could have a visual of the work we were going to do!

As you can see, we haven't changed out the drapes. Thankfully, they aren't so bad that I had to replace them. We also haven't painted any of the rooms I'm showing today. The dining room will be the first to be changed. It's not a bad color, but they used some sort of plaster mixed with paint and the finish is awful. So here it goes.... a little progress!

{Three Seasons Porch Before}

{Three Seasons Porch}

{Living Room Before}

{Living Room}

{Dining Room Before}

 {Dining Room}

{Dining Room with view into Living Room}

Hope you enjoyed this mini tour! More pictures to come as we keep updating.



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