Monday, April 16, 2012

Minute To Win It

We are insanely blessed with a fabulous small group. I desperately needed a group to call my own after moving to New York a year ago this past Sunday. In January, we started attending a small group at the church we now attend. I think we just fell right in line with this group and really enjoy doing life with them! So thanks to our new small group for making us feel so welcome!

Last Thursday we had a fun little night with our SG at Brad and Melissa's house. They are wonderful hosts! (We love them doubly because they are about to become family of sorts. Josh's sister is marrying Melissa's brother in June!) The evening was based on NBC's Minute to Win It. Here are a few pictures of the friendly guys vs. girls competition.

{The Happy Couple}

{Our darling ref for the evening, Melissa}

(Josh and Brad competing at Dizzy Mummy -which they lost!}

{My unsuccessful attempt at This Blows

{Melissa and Zack competing at the Skittle Scurry}

{Donnie proving his Ping Tac Toe skills}

{Family Pretzel Bobbing rivalry between Yaicha and Todd}

{Grand Finale: Face the Cookie -the guys were lightening fast}

{The evening winners with their loot, a gift card to Cold Stone}

{The evening losers...}

{...who are just so happy to be friends!}

We look forward to much more fun with these sweet new friends in the months and years ahead!



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