Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall Fun - Apples, Pumpkins and Halloween

Fall activities are so much fun and Dayton is now at an age where he is beginning to enjoy them. Here's what we've been up to this fall!

We headed to the Garden Factory for some indoor fall fun with cousins, but before we left this guy was not too thrilled!

After breakfast at the Rochester Public Market, Josh and I took the kids to Green Acres Farm to pick apples and pumpkins.

Dayton wanted to carry his pumpkin to be weighed. Cutie!

After picking our tiny little pumpkin (I had already bought pumpkins to decorate with at the house -this was more for the "experience."), we picked Jonagolds and Golden Delicious apples. We've since made lots of yummy apples recipes!

Halloween was slightly dampened by Lincoln's 2 day stay in the hospital (more about that to come in another post...), but Dax still wanted to go out as a lion. We kept Linc tucked away in the stroller, so he didn't get to rock his scarecrow. We still had fun seeing all our sweet neighbors as Dax went trick-or-treating for the first time!

D's first how to trick-or-treat!

His sweet buddy, Sophia, answered the door!

We love our little house in fall weather.

Annual neighbor photo -one day I won't need to be in the picture.

Such a fun fall! We cannot wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner. Celebrating life with friends and family is one of the greatest blessings!



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