Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lincoln: 2 Months

Month number 2 had it's ups and downs in our little Lincoln's life!

Here are your stats for the month:

Here's what you've been up to this month:

-You've been eating like a champ every 2-3 hours and going 8-9 hours overnight. Mommy and Daddy are so excited for the long night stretches!
-You are still passing out as soon as I take off in the car! This makes life easier for everyone!
-You are so smiley and grinning when Mommy and Daddy see you.
-Mommy started wearing you in the Tula and you love it. There's so much sleepy dust in that thing.
-We had a lot of outings for the fall: We went to the Garden Factory for the fall festival with cousins, went to the market for breakfast and picked apples and pumpkins!
-On October 28th, you had a very high fever. We rushed you to the ER at the request of Dr. Davis. All of the doctors and nurses at RGH took wonderful care of you and we were so thankful it was just a virus and about 48 hours we were headed home! We are so thankful the Lord protected your little body!
-You're still sleeping in mommy and daddy's room, but we're all sleeping so well we just haven't moved you over yet.
-We love that we can lay you down to go to sleep awake and you just fall asleep! Your big brother NEVER did this! It's so wonderful.
-Mommy has watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls while on maternity leave. I really hope this doesn't affect you as you grow up! Ha!
-You attended your first birthday party for your cousin Avery's 1st birthday and slept right through it!

Here are pictures from this month:

 You were really happy to be wearing a hat!

All snuggly in mommy's favorite ring sling from Sakura Bloom!

This heartbreaking view, but worth chronicling! We are so happy to be on the other side!

Happy Halloween from these two skeletons!

Those cheeks.

All of the grand kids together!

We just can't help matching them!!!

We are loving our busy little life with you and your big brother!



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