Sunday, March 10, 2013

35 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 35 weeks (2/28/2013)

Produce Aisle: Approximately the size of a large cantaloupe, like last week...just a little bigger (19 - 22 in, 6 lbs)

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new, but I'm still fitting in the ones I've purchased. At this point, that's an accomplishment!!!

Stretch Marks: Steadily existing. I just pray every day that they're mild enough to go away!!!

Belly Button In or Out: Non-existent.

Best Moment of the Week: I'm measuring a few weeks ahead so they had me come in for another ultrasound to check everything out. Thankfully, there weren't any issues at all!!! In addition to checking out all his measurements, we got to see his sweet face!!!

Movement: The majoring flip flopping has slowed down at this point. He has lots of hiccups and you can see where he sticks his bum out making my belly oddly shaped.

Food Cravings: I really just want ice cream all the time. I can't eat very much because Dayton's taking up so much space, but boy do I like it!

Gender: I've been working on some framed prints for D's walls. The first is a verse we love and want him to know from an early age. We'll hang this over the changing table with a collection of a few other things we've collected.

This second print is a portion of the 4th stanza of The Road Not Taken. Author, Robert Frost, is one of my favorite poets. This also fits well with our explorer theme for the nursery. We want Dayton to take the road less traveled through life! This will hang over his 3 little book shelves from Ikea. They're actually spice racks that I've painted the same navy as the changing table -picture to come when I get them hung up.

What I miss: Leaning or bending over. I'm so looking forward to not wearing boots anymore! They're such a pain to put on when I can't sit down and lean over to get them on my lovely swollen feet.

What I'm looking forward to: Holding our sweet baby!!!! We're ready when you are (as long as my mama can get here in time)!

Symptoms: I really have very little to complain about. My pregnancy has been picture perfect! We've been praying since day one that I wouldn't have any major complications and trust that the Lord will continue to bless my labor, delivery and Dax's beginning! That being feet and hands are swollen. I have little time to prop my feet up, but do so whenever possible. In addition, I still can't breathe too well. He's dropped a little, so that's given me some added lung capacity!

Emotions: I'm in full nesting mode and really just want everything in the nursery to be perfect. We're so close! Most of my emotions surround his arrival and those are joyous ones!

Prayer (we are praying a host of things, including scripture, over this pregnancy and our Peanut every day -I thought I would share one each week from our list): "We claim proper growth and development for our baby in Jesus' name!"



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