Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jack is Born!

Our sweet nephew, Jackson Michael (Baby Jack), was born on May 30, 2013. He's exactly 2 months younger than Dayton and they're already best friends -you'll see in the pictures below. This is the first cousin Dayton has on Josh's side of the family. We love him to pieces and can't wait to watch the boys grow up together!

{Aunties so excited to find out if Baby Cortina is a boy or girl -we were guessing girl}

 {Auntie Steph and Baby Jack -I'm smitten}

{Uncle Josh & Baby Jack -he's pretty comfortable with this baby thing now that he has his own}

{Uncle Josh, Baby Jack and Tim -forever friend, roommates, brothers-in-law and now proud uncle and daddy to Baby Jack}

We had to go back the next day and see him again! Mama Katie was looking so fabulous.

{Katie, Dax, Steph & Jack}

 {Aunt Becky was up visiting Jack and snuck in some snuggles with the D-man}

{Aunt Chrissy (or as we like to say, Kissy) meeting Jack for the first time} 

{Dax was a little cranky while we were visiting} 

 {Dax and Jack a few days later -best buds already}



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