Saturday, June 29, 2013

My 30th.

Josh did a wonderful job of getting all our friends together to celebrate my 30th birthday! As with most people, I was hesitant to head into this new decade. My 20's were SOO good to me! They brought me so many wonderful things: graduated college, got my first, second, third and fourth jobs -all stretching and growing me, met my love, got engaged, moved to New York, bought a house, got married and most recently, had a sweet baby boy! How can another decade be better than all that? I'm so excited to see what the Lord has in store!

Josh surprised me with a quick trip to Naples for dinner and ice cream on my actual birthday. We are so blessed to have fabulous grandparent babysitters!

{Headed to dinner}

{The Brown Hound Bistro -A super cute place with lots of locally sourced food}

{Dining on their cute patio}

{Yellowfin tuna with risotto and rose infused apples} 

{Seared Scallops and quinoa}

On Saturday after my birthday, Josh threw a little party. Several friends came over to help us celebrate. We made ribs and BBQ chicken, friends brought lots of side dishes to share.

{My sweet friend, Kara}

{Melissa, Jack and Riley} 

{Sweet Zoe} 

{Aunt Becky & Dax} 

 {The Cake}

{30th Birthday family picture}

{My sweet boy}



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