Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mother's Day and Father's Day

Both May and June provided firsts for Josh and me. Mother's Day and Father's Day were special days we loved celebrating this year. Josh is the best daddy Dayton could have! Of course he spoiled me with a charm necklace from Stella and Dot for Mother's Day.

{Josh with his mom and sister the Friday before Mother's Day} 

We headed out to Rochester's Lilac Festival for Mother's Day. It was almost too cold, but we hid the baby away in his stroller and braved the weather to see the beautiful blooms.

 {Josh with a baby inside that stroller -promise he's in there}

 {My first Mother's Day -it couldn't have been more perfect}

 {The beautiful blooms at the Lilac Festival}

{Dayton with Great-Grandma Bills -she is so proud of her first great-grandchild} 

{Our little family on Mother's Day -I'm such a blessed mama}

Dayton and I worked on a special project for Josh. We had a little photo shoot and put together pictures for Daddy's desk at work. Here are the 3 pictures we chose for the frame (it was one of those hinged frames).

{Josh and his dad -and Cheesy Eddie's carrot cake} 

{Dax hanging out in the mamaroo at Josh's dad's} 

{Daddy & baby}

{Grandpa & baby}

{Our little family on Father's Day}

We are so blessed! The only thing that would have made it better would be seeing Nana and Pa in Oklahoma!



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