Friday, February 1, 2013

29 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 29 weeks (1/17/2013)

Produce Aisle: Approximately the size of a butternut squash (17 in, 3.1 lbs)

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new or noteworthy this week.

Stretch Marks: No new marks! Woo hoo!

Belly Button In or Out: No change. Still an innie / flat.

Best Moment of the Week: We had dinner with Josh's Grandma Bills this week. It was precious and we talked a lot about Josh as a little kid and her experiences as a mom and grandma. We reveled in sweet memories and made them.

Movement: You can see my whole belly shift positions when Dayton moves around. It's like a little alien moving around. I say that with all my love!

Food Cravings: I'm off clementines and no new cravings have surfaced this week.

Gender: The nursery is painted!!!!!! We're so happy with how it turned out. Our walls are old and quite crooked, so getting two coats up was a full day's job. Our goal was a green that wasn't lime or neon, but still not pastel. I think we succeeded!

What I miss: Putting boots on and zipping up my coat without a belly in the way.

What I'm looking forward to: Holding our sweet baby boy! It's starting to feel real!

Symptoms: Nothing new...just some occasional swelling. My ring still fits so that's what matters, right?

Emotions: It's a roller coaster, but I am trying to find a balance between being overwhelmed with all that's left to do and overjoyed with Dayton's soon coming arrival!

Prayer (we are praying a whole host of things, including scripture, over this pregnancy and our Peanut every day -I thought I would share one from our list each week): We decree, Lord, that our baby and I are fearfully and wonderfully made!



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